Asma+ Alex • un mariage simple et naturel en vert et blanc

« A Perfect Blend of Elegance and Tradition – Make My Wed Delivers Beyond Expectations

Planning a wedding is a daunting task, especially when you have a distinct vision in mind. As we embarked on the journey of turning our vision into reality, we were fortunate enough to find Make My Wed, a wedding planner that truly understands the essence of simplicity and elegance. Our experience with Make My Wed was nothing short of exceptional, and every aspect of our special day was meticulously crafted to perfection.

From the moment we stepped into the venue, we were captivated by the enchanting decorations. The tables and chairs were adorned with a touch of sophistication, and the lush greenery created a harmonious connection with the surroundings.

Culinary delights took center stage, and Make My Wed went above and beyond to cater to our unique dietary preferences. Despite the challenges of finding suitable options in Tunisia, the team managed to collaborate with a brilliant chef. The resulting menu was not only a novelty for the region but also a delectable masterpiece that left an indelible mark on our taste buds. The food not only met our expectations but also garnered praise from our guests.

The play of lights and candles during the evening was a sight to behold. Make My Wed skillfully orchestrated the illumination, creating an ambiance that seamlessly transitioned from one moment to the next. The soft glow accentuated the surroundings, adding an ethereal touch to the celebrations.

The choice of location was a blend of traditional charm and simplistic beauty – exactly what we had envisioned. It provided the perfect backdrop for our union, and Make My Wed’s keen eye for detail ensured that every nook and cranny resonated with our theme.

A special mention goes to the bouquet and boutonniere, a simple yet elegant touch that perfectly complemented our outfits. The vibrancy of the olive branches that contoured the white roses added a dash of nature’s beauty to our attire, elevating the aesthetics to another level.

The Make My Wed team and especially Louisa was a driving force behind the success of our wedding. Their professionalism and assistance were invaluable, leaving no stone unturned to ensure that every facet of the event was flawlessly executed. Their dedication to perfection was evident in every interaction we had.

Louisa’s creative genius shone through in the tote bags and wedding gifts. Her designs were a true work of art, reflecting her passion for innovation and aesthetics. These thoughtful tokens of appreciation added a personal touch to the event and left a lasting impression on our guests.

One of the most remarkable elements of our wedding was the presence of an Oud player. His melodies transported us to a realm of romance and tradition, creating an ambiance that was both intimate and culturally resonant. It was a truly magical touch that underscored the uniqueness of our celebration.

What truly stood out about Louisa, Moez and the entire Make My Wed team was their unwavering commitment to punctuality and attention to detail. Despite the complexity of our requests, the team not only met our expectations but exceeded them, all within the confines of our modest budget.

We are immensely grateful to Make My Wed for making our big day extra special. Entrusting them with the task of bringing our vision to life was a decision we’ll forever cherish. Their ability to comprehend and execute our desires, even from afar, is a testament to their professionalism and expertise. Make My Wed is not merely a wedding planner; they are creators of cherished memories and unforgettable moments. »

Asma & Alex



06 mai 2023 – Nous commençons une nouvelle septième saison de mariages sous le signe de la mixité internationale que nous chérissons tant. Et pour l’occasion ce sera un mariage tuniso-allemand que nous célèbrerons. Un mariage simple et naturel en vert et blanc avec comme inspiration première la nature et les oliviers (pour rappeler les origines de Asma & de sa famille) mais qui nous a challengé tout de même sur la partie catering. Le défi était de taille encore plus en Tunisie avec le souhait de réaliser tout un buffet vegan à l’image des mariés tout en associant les saveurs tunisiennes. Pari tenu et invités comblés. Ce qui n’était pas gagné d’avance. Merci Asma & Alex de nous avoir confié votre plus Beau Jour, celui qui a réuni tous vos désirs, vos familles et amis, sur notre douce Djerba.

MILLE MERCIS pour tous ces moments passés six mois durant à vos côtés, ces messages échangés, ces rires et sourires (et dégustations vegan !). Nous vous souhaitons tout le bonheur du monde. Et même plus encore !


Voici la jolie sélection de prestataires de nos amoureux pour leur mariage simple et naturel en vert et blanc à Djerba :

| Photographie – Zaineb Ben Saïd | Organisation – Make My Wed | Scénographie, Design Floral & Créations sur-mesure – Make My Wed | Cadeaux Invités (foutas brodés & totebag sérigraphiés) – Make My Wed | Mobilier & Lumières – Make My Wed | Papeterie – Sœur du marié | Calligraphie sur panneau de bois – Make My Wed | Lieu – Dar el Jerbi | Traiteur – Le Y Concept |

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